Symbio Liquid Aeration 5L

Symbio Liquid Aeration 5L

Air is a major constituent of soils, put simply it ensures that beneficial chemical exchanges can take place. Without the vital component of oxygen anaerobic microorganisms are able to utilise sulphur which produce Hydrogen sulphide gas, recognised by it's 'rotten egg' smell.


Symbio Liquid Aeration 5L

This is toxic to turf and reacts chemically with metal elements such as Iron (Fe), creating black deposits, which form layers within the soil, also known as ‘Black Layer’.

Liquid Aeration is a blend of complex molecules which contain a large number of oxygen atoms. When applied to the turf, these molecules are broken down by the soil microbes and oxygen is released, stimulating and promoting enhanced aerobic activity within the soil.

  • Eliminates anaerobic Black Layer
  • Combats the effects of a gelatinous slime called squidge, water-logged and compacted soils
  • Reduces the need for physical aeration such as hollow coring which can disrupt the playing surface
  • Encourages the microbial breakdown of thatch and improves percolation rates
  • Stimulates microbial activity and releases oxygen


Pack size - 5 litres

Application rate - For maintenance of aerobic conditions to complement reduced physical disruption: 1 - 2.5L/Ha, use 2.5L/Ha for faster thatch reduction.

For compacted soils, dense thatch and a gelatinous slime called ‘squidge’: 2.5 – 5L/Ha.

For Black Layer, highly compacted soils and waterlogged thatch: 5L/Ha
Liquid Aeration can be tank-mixed with most inorganic and organic nutrients. Always jug test mixes before adding Liquid Aeration to the spray tank.

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