Maxwell Balance 5 L

Maxwell Balance 5 L

Maxwell Balance is a Spray Tank Water Conditioner


  • Improves Tank Mixing
  • Lowers precipitation
  • Visual indicator dye
  • Test kit not required
  • Chloride free formulation
  • Quick
  • Simple
  • Convenient
  • Effective
  • Balances pH

Maxwell Balance 5L

Maxwell Balance contains a complexed blend of acidifiers which buffer pH thereby softening and conditioning spray tank water to overcome problems which occur due to local water quality or when tank mixing.

The performance of many pesticides and fertilisers is impeded when applied with water which is either:

  • Alkaline
  • Hard
  • Brackish
  • Contaminated with insoluble deposits and impurities such as calcium, magnesium, bicarbonates etc.

In such conditions pesticides and fertilisers that are prone to hydrolysis – the chemical breakdown of a compound due to a reaction with water – may chemically degrade or precipitate out of solution. This results in poor performance of those products due to the reduced availability of the active ingredients.

Maxwell Balance

  • Particularly useful when multi-product tank-mixing is being undertaken.
  • Should be used whenever the pH of the spray tank water is pH 6.5 or above.
  • Not suitable for use with products which are unstable in acid conditions. If in doubt consult the Maxwell Tank Mix Chart.

How to Use

The pH of the water being added to the spray tank determines the required dose rate of Maxwell Balance. The higher the pH the greater the quantity of Maxwell Balance required to acidify down to the correct pH.

Establishing a Dosage Rate:

The pH of water will naturally vary from site to site. The first time balance is used with a particular water source to fill the spray tank, you should establish an appropriate dosage rate for that water. You should use the Guideline Dosage Rate as a point of reference and adjust from there by following the calibration procedure.

Guideline Dosage RateWhich is Equivalent to
0.05 % of water volume0.5 ml per 1 L of water

Calibration Procedure:

  1. Add 1 L of the intended spray tank water into a clean measuring jug or measuring jar.
  2. Using the supplied syringe; simply add 0.5 ml (Guideline Dosage Rate) of Maxwell Balance into the jug or measuring jar and gently agitate.
  3. Observe the colour of the water and reference the below colour chart.

  4. If the water does not turn translucent pink continue to add incremental measured doses of Maxwell Balance to the 1 L of spray tank water contained in the jug or jar until the correct colour is achieved.

    Using the supplied syringe, you should add additional Maxwell Balance at a rate of 0.1 mL at a time.

    Note: The intensity of colour is not important, only whether it is pink or yellow.
  5. For every 0.1 mL of Maxwell Balance added this will increase the % of water volume by a factor of 0.01%. For example:

    The Guideline Dosage Rate is 0.05% of volume which is equivalent to 0.5 mL per 1 L of water.

    If you need to add two more incremental doses of 0.1 mL with the syringe this will equate to the actual dosage rate for the water source being calibrated to be 0.07% of water volume, which is equivalent to 0.7 mL per 1 L of water. This is referred to as the Water Source Dosage Rate.
  6. Record the Water Source Dosage Rate for future reference.
  7. The Water Source Dosage Rate should be used for all future tank fills utilising that water source
  8. This calibration procedure need only be repeated should there be an alteration to the water source being used in the spray tank.

Spray Tank Fill Procedure

  1. Add approximately 1/3 of the total required volume of water to the spray tank.
  2. For every litre of the intended final spray tank water volume, add an amount of Maxwell Balance in accordance with the previously calibrated Water Source Dosage Rate.

    For example:
    Water Source Dosage Rate - 0.7 ml per 1 L of water
    Spray Tank Volume - 300 L of water

    0.7 ml x 300 L = 210 ml per 300 L spray tank

  3. Add the pesticide or fertiliser to the spray tank.
  4. Finally, top up the spray tank with the required amount of water to achieve the desired fill level.

For further information regarding Maxwell Balance, please contact our technical sales team on 01 841 7399.

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