Koppert Larvanem Vine Weevil Killer

Koppert Larvanem Vine Weevil Killer

A nematode species that targets the larvae of various species of beetle, such as the black vine weevil Otiorhynchus sulcatus.

Pack Sizes:

Standard: Pack of 50 million nematodes - treats 100m²
Large: Pack of 500 million nematodes - treats 1000m²


Koppert Larvanem Vine Weevil Killer

A nematode species that targets the larvae of various species of beetle, such as vine weevil. Larvanem contains a special strain of Heterorhabditis bacteriophora, for more than 25 years, this parasitic nematode has been the top product used to combat vine weevil. This biological approach to combating vine weevil is most effective because it attacks the larvae, this is the only proven way to fully eradicate vine weevil.

How does Larvanem work?

After application, the nematodes actively search for their prey and penetrate them. The nematodes feed on the contents of the prey, excreting specific bacteria from their digestive tracts as they do so. These bacteria convert host tissue into products that the nematodes can easily ingest. The larvae die within a few days.

The below infographic is designed to inform the user as to the life stage of the organism throughout the year.

Larvanem Application times

Visible effects: Affected larvae turn pink-red or even brown.

Application Rates

LARVANEMpreventivelight curativeheavy curative
m²/standard packagingn/a10050
m²/large packagingn/a1000500
interval (days)n/a1414

Optimal Conditions

  • The moisture content of the soil must be high
  • Soil temperature between 14 and 33°C
  • Nematodes are susceptible to ultraviolet light (UV): do not use them in direct sunlight
  • Leaf applications should only be carried out in the evening to minimise the influence of UV light and to maximize moisture availability for the nematodes

Localised Spot Treatment
With Watering Can
Broad Application To
a Large Area

  • Fill a clean bucket with clean water.

  • Take the vine weevil nematodes out of the fridge and open the containers.

  • Tip the entire contents (minus the container) into the bucket and stir gently. This is your solution.

  • Rinse the container out in the bucket to ensure you have mixed in all the nematodes.

  • Pour a proportion of the concentrated mix into a watering can and top up with fresh water. Mix at a ratio of either 1:10 or 1:5, depending on how the infestation is.

  • Water on soil/lawn and then water in with hose/watering can.

  • Standard 50ml pack treats between 50 and 100 m2.
  • Wash the feeder through with water to ensure it is clean.

  • Add entire contents of the pack to the bowl of the feeder. Then fill the bowl with water and stir to mix thoroughly. Attach the hose.

  • Taking care to keep the feeder in an upright position apply evenly to the whole of the area for 8 minutes using a side-to-side motion to keep the nematodes well mixed. During this time most of the nematodes will have been applied.

  • Treat the same area again for a further 8 minutes (or 16 minutes for lawn applications) to apply the remaining nematodes as well as to make sure they are adequately watered in. Applications to lawns require more water to ensure the nematodes are washed through the grass thatch.

  • Adhering strictly to the application timings will ensure that any remaining colour in the bowl will be due to inert carrier only and that you have performed an even application.

  • This method provides a simple and effective application, however, it is important to follow the instructions exactly to obtain even coverage.

To aid the efficiency of the nematodes into the soil profile, apply with Premier Hydrate Wetting Agent.

How to use Larvanem

We do not sell this product during the period when the larvae are not susceptible to control using nematodes.

Larvanem Vine Weevil Killer must be used within 3-4 weeks of being received, keep refrigerated until used. Pitchcare Ireland is not liable for any loss of quality if the product is stored for longer than recommended and/or under incorrect conditions.

  • If Larvanem is ordered by 09.00 hours on a Thursday, they will be delivered to you by the end of the following week.

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