0 Pitchcare Ireland join Campey Turf Care in presenting the Grassroots Pitch Renovation Tour 2016 in Belfast & Dublin

We are delighted to be joining Pitchcare UK & Campey Turf Care Systems, along with a whole host of leading industry companies including Dennis, Sisis, ICL, Limagrain and New Holland, in the AUL Complex in Swords, Co. Dublin on May the 26th for the UK and Ireland Grassroots Pitch Renovation Tour 2016.

Grassroots Pitch Renovation TourThe Grassroots Pitch Renovation Tour 2016 is a series of full pitch renovations aimed at improving the quality of Grassroots natural turf sports pitches across the UK and Ireland. The demonstration is perfect for groundsmen responsible for smaller clubs, local authority sports facilities and other grassroots level, training and playing fields, who have had to struggle with restricted budgets and limited access to knowledge and training.

In this country, games being cancelled due to unplayable conditions can happen almost all year round, we feel that with a bit of help and guidance from the leading manufacturers in the sports turf industry, these occurrences' can be a lot less frequent. This is a unmissable opportunity for any groundsman to see first-hand; the best equipment, receive the best advice and above all find out the most economically effective solutions, to achieving great things on their own natural turf sports pitch.

Most interestingly, the day will include a full pitch renovations demonstrated by Campey Turf Care, groundsmen will be shown how they can change their pitch by using the right tools and products at the right time!

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All grounds staff, whether professional, amateur, part or full time are invited to attend on the May 26th in the AUL Complex in Swords, Co. Dublin. Click below to sign up for the Grassroots Pitch Renovation Tour 2016;

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Behind this very exciting project is an industry initiative to bring the best equipment, services and supplies to every level of turf sport. Each event will feature a full renovation of the pitch; demonstrating the latest techniques at every stage. Alongside this will be talks, question and answer sessions and an opportunity to look at the machines close-up.

Register today!Many grassroots clubs have limited funds and rely on the highly valued but varied support of volunteer groundsmen and local dealers. This knowledge and expertise is often based on experience rather than education, so can struggle to raise the turf maintenance regime to a higher level.

The sponsors of the tour will show how by implementing small, as well as large changes to your maintenance practises, regardless of budget restraints, you can radically improve the quality of your pitches in a short space of time.

This tour will deliver unrivalled expertise, knowledge and willingness to assist in educating all grounds professionals at every level of the game.

Richard Campey, Managing Director of Campey Turf Care Systems, explains what he and the other sponsors are looking to achieve:

"This is a rare opportunity for any groundsman and women to come and see a complete pitch renovation in action. There will be invaluable advice on how to achieve great things with limited resources. Including how and where to get the best deals on new or fully reconditioned groundcare tractors and machinery, as well as information on correct applications of seeds, fertilisers and a whole host of related products and services, which affect the quality and playability of the pitch."

Pitchcare Managing Director, Dave Saltman welcomes this initiative;

"This is a fantastic initiative driven by Campeys and the days will be used to educate and improve the skills of groundsmen around the UK. We are delighted to be working with some of the industry's leading suppliers of football pitch products and machines; such collaborative expertise will no doubt improve the safety and pitch standards of natural grass pitches for thousands of players."

Again, all grounds staff, whether professional, amateur, part or full time are invited to attend on the May 26th in the AUL Complex in Swords, Co. Dublin. For more information on the Grassroots Pitch Renovation Tour 2016, head over to www.pitchimprovementprogramme.com, if you want to sign up for the demonstration, click below;

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