Expected weather for this month:

The long range weather forecast for November is giving us reasonably dry month.

If the long range weather forecast is to be believed, then we should get plenty more tennis in on the artificial surfaces, especially towards the end of the month. However, you may get the thermals out for a mid-month drop in temperature (around the 18th to the 22nd).

Below average rainfall is predicted, sounds too good to be true, we will soon see.

Key Tasks for November
Maintenance Regimes

Grass courts

  • Grass growth will have slowed down, but certainly not stopped altogether, so you should continue to cut weekly, ensuring that you take no more than a third off in any one cut
  • A cylinder mower may still be used, but it is more likely that a rotary mower will serve you better
  • Box clippings to avoid the spread of disease
  • Remove leaves and other debris as soon as possible

Artificial courts

Don't forget to brush Keep surface clean with regular sweeping and brushing

Remove any algae and moss from surface. Sand filled systems require regular brushing to maintain manufacturer's recommendations on sand levels and pile heights

American Fast Dry courts

  • Keep surface clean, rolling to consolidate surface
  • Levelling and brushing of fast dry materials, brushing to clean lines

Clay courts

  • Carry out regular sweeping and brushing to restore playing levels
  • Topdress any hollows or damaged areas


  • Carry out regular sweeping and brushing
  • Repair any hollows or damaged areas

With many clubs allowing and, indeed encouraging, play on their artificial surfaces through the winters months (when weather conditions allow) it is imperative that these courts are completely free from moss, algae, leaves or anything else that might pose a slip hazard.

With the sun now lower in the sky, shade problems tend to increase. Shadows remain on the ground for longer periods and these areas tend to take longer to warm up and dry out which, in turn, may affect maintenance operations and playability on all surfaces.

Machinery & Materials

With some machines not currently being used, take the time to carry out an overhaul or send them away for a service.

  • Inspect and clean machinery before putting away for the winter
  • Replace worn and damaged parts as necessary
  • Empty fuel tanks as petrol will go stale over winter
  • Maintain a stock of consumables for your machinery
  • Secure machinery nightly with good storage facilities and strong locks
  • Record makes and models and take pictures of your equipment as additional reference
  • Don't leave it to the last minute when servicing dealers will be very busy
Other Key Tasks

Other Key Tasks

  • Repair and maintain fence lines
  • Cut back any hedges and trees and prune shrubs
  • Take down and store all tennis equipment, ensuring that it is clean and dry before doing so
  • Repair/update equipment as necessary

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