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Chafer Summit

Chafer Summit succeess

The Turf and Amenity industry united to declare that an integrated pest management (IPM) is needed for Chafer and Leatherjacket control.

in Pests & Diseases - on 30/5/19


Derby dreams dominate

Home to the Investec Derby, and synonymous with Flat racing for even the most casual follower of the sport, Epsom Downs is used to being in the news. But...

in Pests & Diseases - on 20/5/19

Edgbaston-Priory Worm-Cast-Clearing

Disease management

In recent years, we’ve seen a continually changing landscape in our industry, relating most notably to the chemical armoury we have available to us....

in Pests & Diseases - on 13/5/19


A bug's death!

Alex Sobel MP hosted a House of Commons debate recently about insect declines, sparked by the recent global review of insect declines authored by Sanchez-Bayo...

in Pests & Diseases - on 11/5/19


A brief history ...

In part one of a two part article, Maxwell Amenity Technical Manager John Handley provides a brief history and analysis of the current situation surrounding...

in Pests & Diseases - on 22/3/19

Anthracnose pic

Anthracnose likely!

As grass plants have experienced extreme droughts this summer greenkeepers are reminded to act now before disease onset this autumn

in Pests & Diseases - on 25/9/18


Rhenac uses UV-C light

Rhenac GreenTec AG (Germany) introduces – in partnership with Recreational Systems Europe/RSE – a unit that uses UV-C light to destroy up to 95% of...

in Pests & Diseases - on 5/6/18

Edgbaston Priory Club Worm Cast on Centre Court

Edgbaston Priory Club

In recent years the number of chemicals available to us as turf managers has rapidly diminished, while expectations relating to turf quality remain as...

in Pests & Diseases - on 5/1/18


Who might lose their job?

Really? Does it have to be this way? Pitchcare Technical Manager James Grundy says that a change of mindset is required to achieve success against leatherjackets...

in Pests & Diseases - on 2/10/17

Fusarium CloseUp

Grabbed by the fuzz!?

We’re heading into a period of the year when disease pressure is generally high, particularly Microdochium nivale, otherwise known as Fusarium patch....

in Pests & Diseases - on 21/3/17


A cast of thousands or...

With the withdrawal of carbendazim this year, turfcare professionals will have concerns surrounding worm casts and the damage they will do to sports surfaces....

in Pests & Diseases - on 16/3/17

Managing Moss!

Managing Moss

Moss, like every living organism, loves moisture. The difference between a moss and other plants is that they do not require a root system for...

in Pests & Diseases - on 2/2/17

Meloidogyne gall on turf roots (2)

Root-knot Nematodes

Recent findings of the regulated root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne fallax, at several locations in England have prompted the production of a new guide on...

in Pests & Diseases - on 21/12/16


Imants Rotoknife

The Imants Rotoknife from Campey Turf Care Systems is proving an effective weapon in the fight against Chafer Grubs.

in Pests & Diseases - on 23/6/16

3rd fairway (5)

Natural ways with disease

Symbio’s Martin Ward says that turf diseases are an inherent part of the design of sand based pitches and USGA specification greens, relying as they...

in Pests & Diseases - on 5/5/16

Ash tree

Ash tree extinction

The ash tree is likely to be wiped out in Europe, according to a review of the evidence. The trees are being killed off by the fungal disease ash-dieback...

in Pests & Diseases - on 3/5/16

Interface v competitor products

Bayer Fusarium treatment

Independent trials show that Interface® with StressgardTM Formulation Technology from Bayer, is the most effective treatment for Microdochium patch (Microdochium...

in Pests & Diseases - on 3/5/16

Disease Identifier

in Pests & Diseases - on 1/12/15

Black Layer

Black Friday -Black Layer

Whilst hordes of eager shoppers excitedly jostle for position at the shops or alternatively sit in their pyjamas at home accompanied by a cup of tea and...

in Pests & Diseases - on 27/11/15


Winter on its way?

As predicted last month, the wet weather has arrived, although it’s still reasonably mild and grass on greens and pitches in general is still growing....

in Pests & Diseases - on 12/11/15