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Frost At Walmley Golf Club

December 2019 Diaries

December brings with it some mixed blessings: the need to contemplate relatives, gifts and cards whilst controlling alcohol intake over Christmas and the...

in Editorial - on 1/12/19

Garforth Golf Club

November 2019 Diaries

November is late Autumn in the northern hemisphere and the time when our annual voyage around the sun determines that the shortening of the day length...

in Editorial - on 1/11/19

James-Grundy Brain-Montage

Maintaining sportsturf

Maxwell Amenity Senior Technical Manager James Grundy encourages the examination of one’s own thoughts and perceptions with respect to some fundamental,...

in Editorial - on 29/6/19


May 2019 Pitch Diaries

Spring 2019 has thus far been more favourable for the turf manager than the spring of 2018. Disease pressure had been relatively low and, whilst April...

in Editorial - on 1/5/19


Councils Caught Out

The mild winter we have been having has managed to produce some off-season growth, certainly enough to get out cutting and even fertilising, to get the...

in Editorial - on 13/2/19


February Pitch Diaries

As the last month of the norther hemisphere winter season, February heralds lighter evenings, brighter mornings and as we head towards the end of the month...

in Editorial - on 1/2/19

nice day weather

Mini-Heatwave coming

Wet and windy start to the week but milder and drier weather is on the cards

in Editorial - on 18/4/18

dollar spot mycelium 1 jpg

The best thing to happen!

Maxwell Amenity Technical Manager John Handley discusses the loss of iprodione and suggests it is one of the best things that could have happened for the...

in Editorial - on 2/3/18

winter works

February Pitch Diaries

February 2018 Sports Pitch Maintenance Diaries

in Editorial - on 1/2/18

Dave Saltman 3

Predictably unpredictable

Autumn is a favourite time of year for me as the trees become transformed with their display of colour and the heavy spring/summer workload of mowing,...

in Editorial - on 31/10/16

Bowls Graden

October Pitch Diaries

October 2016 Sports Pitch Maintenance Diaries

in Editorial - on 1/10/16

Dave Saltman 3

Unseasonable seasons...

As I pen this foreword, I’m sat in a 9-tonne excavator at Shrewsbury Town’s training ground, moving lorry loads of sand; forty-one articulated lorry...

in Editorial - on 29/8/16


Shrewsbury: the final cut

In his third and final article on the Shrews, Pitchcare MD Dave Saltman reports on the final few months of the season. Further storms, unseasonably cold...

in Editorial - on 8/7/16

Campey Pitch Renovation Tour in Dublin (1)

Grassroots tour ends

The UK & Ireland Grassroots Pitch Renovation tour came to a close in Dublin at the end of May, as 875 groundsmen, club and council officials attended 13...

in Editorial - on 4/7/16

Wonky football pitch lines (1)

World's worst groundsmen?

Hang your heads in shame, lads - these lines are appalling, say Daily Mirror

in Editorial - on 2/6/16

Dave Saltman 3

Hot and cold ... and wet!

This year has seen an extremely slow start to spring. What a contrast to last year, where temperatures from the 1st March were hitting 20+ degrees

in Editorial - on 27/4/16


Bull in a football match

Players in a local football match in Australia were given the shock of their lives as a bull invaded the pitch and started charging at them

in Editorial - on 14/3/16

DaveSaltman2012 2

No crumbs of comfort!

The weather through January and into February continued to be challenging for everyone involved in getting turf ready for play. The continual bombardment...

in Editorial - on 27/2/16


Storm Desmond

Storm Desmond hammered Ireland last week bringing heavy rain and winds and causing huge amounts of flooding. The effects of the storm has wreaked havoc...

in Editorial - on 15/12/15

ShrewsburyTown Pitch

Back on the tools ...

Being immersed in football groundsmanship once again has meant head down and back to match day deadlines

in Editorial - on 29/10/15