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Tim Packwood 1

2020 not out!

After serious flooding at Blackfinch New Road, Worcestershire CCC’s head groundsman Tim Packwood faced new challenges as he prepared for the new season...

in Cricket - on 6/9/20


Passing down the skills

It’s had a long innings and moved a few times over the years but Holywood Cricket Club sure excels in the sport. Chris McCullough speaks to main groundsman...

in Cricket - on 31/7/20


On your bike!

So that’s it; no more sitting on a roller in the Aberdeen sunshine. Kenny McCurdie is retiring after twenty years tending the Mannofield Park Cricket...

in Cricket - on 28/2/20


Finding Nemo!

Volunteers from Carlisle Cricket Club are in a desperate race against time to save the fish trapped on the field

in Cricket - on 21/2/20


Keeping a lid on turfcare

Durham University ’s scale of participation in sport demands a highly regimented grounds team. Greg Rhodes met up with Paul Derrick, the facility’s...

in Cricket - on 15/2/20

Chris Young & Will Temple 2

King's Ely keeping busy

King’s Ely sits in the shadows of the city’s splendid cathedral and its location and history demands high standards are maintained at all times. Blair...

in Cricket - on 24/1/20


Cricket - winter aeration

In the latest cricket blog, Iain James, ECB Pitch Advisor answers questions on winter aeration

in Cricket - on 16/12/19

Stirling-CCC Paul-Bielby

Q&A with Paul Bielby

Paul Bielby - I’m unsure what he’s got against fluffy puppies

in Cricket - on 5/12/19

Stirling-CCC Scottish-Cup-2015

Two can play that game

Located in the heart of Scotland, Stirling County is a lively and welcoming cricket club. Founded in 1862, the club can boast a long and successful history...

in Cricket - on 5/12/19


Q&A with John Dodds

John Dodds - he’d have liked to be a popstar. Not many people know that!

in Cricket - on 19/11/19


Blink and you’ll miss it!

Blink, and you will miss the entrance to Scarborough Cricket Club’s North Marine Road Ground, which is tucked away behind a line of old Victorian terraced...

in Cricket - on 19/11/19

Cinderella-WP 20161214 08 07 47 Pro

Dressed for the ball

We should always celebrate when grassroots sport takes an upswing. It’s set to do just that in Worcester where an historic, though long-neglected, cricket...

in Cricket - on 15/11/19


Seldom stumped!

One of cricket’s biggest hitters speaks out about the trials, tribulations and triumphs of running a World Cup venue. Greg Rhodes meets Vic Demain, the...

in Cricket - on 28/10/19


Further developments

Trafford Council and Lancashire Cricket have announced transformational plans in the first phase of the development of the new Civic Quarter

in Cricket - on 25/10/19

The NCP Colourway Mimics The 'straw' Colour Of A Natural Cricket Pitch And Is Ideal For Projects Where Aesthetics Are A Concern - Such As Near Listed Buildings Of Within Historic Or Rural Settings

It’s a six for total-play

With the ECB’s official approval of another three new non-turf cricket pitch system designs, taking the total to six, total-play Ltd offers unrivalled...

in Cricket - on 18/10/19


Winter guide eBook

Brian Sandalls at has launched a free winter guide eBook for cricket groundsmen, with the assistance of a number of industry...

in Cricket - on 16/10/19


Q&A with Andy Butler

Andy Butler - communicate, listen and remain ... and don’t show off!

in Cricket - on 30/9/19


Vision expressed

There cannot be many more pleasurable things to do on a warm summer’s day than to visit the Isle of Wight albeit via, what is considered, the most expensive...

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Lancs-CCC 24-June-2018

Lancashire CCC

Old Trafford, known for sponsorship reasons as Emirates Old Trafford, opened in 1857 as the home of Manchester Cricket Club and, since 1864, has been the...

in Cricket - on 14/9/19


A historic partnership

Two iconic venues on opposite sides of the world, Auckland’s Eden Park Stadium and Manchester’s Emirates Old Trafford test cricket ground, have come...

in Cricket - on 10/9/19