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ICL turfgrass research

ICL has been collaborating with Bangor University on a unique research project which is exploring soil-plant interactions and fertiliser impact for turfgrass....

in Chemicals & Fertilisers - on 20/7/20

Dan-Whitling Turf-close-up

Grounds maintenance input

In this article, Daniel Ratling, BSc Hons. PCert TSC, Head Groundsman at Whitgift School in London, considers plant-soil interactions and how we turf managers...

in Chemicals & Fertilisers - on 20/7/20

ICL Product Guide 2020-2021 Cover

New ICL Product Guide

Redesigned from the ground up, the new ICL Turf & Landscape Product Guide includes an up-to-date listing of products and an abundance of useful information...

in Chemicals & Fertilisers - on 3/3/20


New Valdor Flex available

Valdor Flex was introduced to the Irish turf and amenity market last year and has been widely praised for providing excellent residual control for even...

in Chemicals & Fertilisers - on 25/2/20

Glenn Kirby With Water Sensitive Paper Test

Hit the target

Syngenta Technical Manager Glenn Kirby explains the science behind sprayer nozzle choice to hit the target.

in Chemicals & Fertilisers - on 3/1/20

Neil Pettican, Bayer Head Of Sales

bayer's supportive role

Greenkeepers are crucial to a golf course’s success, but inevitably a helping hand is sometimes required to maintain playability throughout the year...

in Chemicals & Fertilisers - on 28/12/19


Bayer - 42,700 claims!

Bayer is now facing 42,700 compensation claims, mostly in US courts. CEO Werner Baumann is calling for an “economically-viable” settlement of these...

in Chemicals & Fertilisers - on 27/11/19

190529 JK Seedling

Rare JK hybrid found

A team of Swansea University scientists have discovered a rare Japanese knotweed hybrid in south Wales

in Chemicals & Fertilisers - on 18/10/19


ICL delivers the remedy

Harry Cannon, Course Manager at Sand Martins Golf Club in Berkshire, believes that a range of ICL products have significantly helped the tees to combat...

in Chemicals & Fertilisers - on 15/10/19


Managing Nematodes

ICL’s International Technical Manager Andy Owen will be providing an insight into ICL’s unique four-year research project which is exploring the effects...

in Chemicals & Fertilisers - on 27/9/19


ICL tank-mix on target

A fortnightly greens tank-mix consisting of Vitalnova Stressbuster, Greenmaster Liquid, Primo Maxx II and Ryder turf pigment, has proved to be a valuable...

in Chemicals & Fertilisers - on 23/9/19

EPA defies California rules over Monsanto Roundup

EPA defies California

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has defied California regulators by no longer approving labels claiming Monsanto Roundup is known to cause...

in Chemicals & Fertilisers - on 19/8/19

Roundup Corruption

Fraud and corruption

San Francisco area juries have awarded cancer patients some $80 million each, based on claims that the active ingredient in Roundup weedkiller, caused...

in Chemicals & Fertilisers - on 9/8/19


Turf Science inspires

ICL and Syngenta recently held a series of Turf Science Lite events, which took place at Aston Villa FC’s stadium Villa Park, Slaley Hall Golf Club in...

in Chemicals & Fertilisers - on 17/7/19


Bayer to invest $5.6b

Bayer has announced it plans to invest about $5.6 billion of its research and development budget on alternatives to its glyphosate weed killer over the...

in Chemicals & Fertilisers - on 21/6/19


EPA's green light

Agency identifies no risks to human health associated with widely used herbicide

in Chemicals & Fertilisers - on 15/5/19


Bayer's new herbicide

Bayer has brought a new residual pre-emergence herbicide to the UK market, adding another product to the amenity contractor’s armoury.

in Chemicals & Fertilisers - on 5/5/19

John-Handley Spraying

Pesticides – Part 2

In the last issue, Maxwell Amenity Technical Manager John Handley stated that the case in favour of chemical pesticides is that they have worked in the...

in Chemicals & Fertilisers - on 3/5/19


Roundup is not dangerous!

The US government has declared Roundup is safe - despite a movement of lawsuits from Americans claiming the weedkiller gave them cancer

in Chemicals & Fertilisers - on 3/5/19

Japanese Knotweed on waste ground

Council assess weedkiller

Rulings against Roundup owner Monsanto prompt UK authorities to seek non-chemical alternatives

in Chemicals & Fertilisers - on 11/4/19