0 Buzz about GLAS Tradeshow but are trade shows the future?

Buzz about the turf trade but are trade shows the future?

Pitchcare Ireland launched there on line magazine and groundsman support at GLAS last week. I was pleasantly surprised by the buzz around the place. I was at the show for the last few years and there was a sense of doom and gloom about, but this year positive vibes!

I really don't know what to put it down too but the Irish turf industry has had little to cheer about over the last number of years.

I don't need to go through how golf courses are struggling, landscapers market disappeared along with the building and construction and maintenance of sports fields slowed down to a crawl.

The GCSAI ran an excellent trade show back in the Tiger days, the Tiger died and the trade shows struggled. Then GLAS took up the slack and added sports turf to a horticultural show. This year the turf area was more vibrant and there was a good feeling about the trade.

It seems that a revival is in place (well at least I hope there is). The Irish turf industry was well represented there. I wandered around the stands talking to other exhibitors and there were no stories economic crisis, just about product and sales and showing whats new or upgraded.

Many think that going on line is the future of the business. I am a bit of a technophobe but in fairness on line access and simplicity of use make it easy to do. I do think going forward the trade can get information straight to costumers quickly. I think the trend now is to micro blog and use the numerous media outlets to promote products. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram to name a few.

A trade show in a few years may become more of a meeting of minds and information sharing rather than a showcase of machinery and wears. A Summit seems to be the new buzz word an Irish Sports Turf Summit maybe or not. We already see many companies doing road shows. The GCSAI have a magazine and a number of road shows that involve the trade for the golfing industry which are well attended. Greenkeeping Ireland has a large on line presence for no reward just the accolade of community sharing. Companies are running spray courses and other courses related to grass-turf management. This is the way things are going at the moment and it will be interesting to see what happens over the next number of years.

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